Julie Lobo is a brazilian creative director currently based in Paris. In 2019 whilst still in Brazil she graduated in Graphic Design and during that time she developed her aptitude for image composition, as well as the basis to her personal aesthetic. As a cinephile, she also became a regular at courses that focused on various areas of film production in order to comprehend the art of filmmaking as a whole. Ultimately, this creative path led her to follow a second degree in Cinema at Paris 8.

Seeking to combine references from different forms of art, Julie gives depth to experimentalism, creating an expanded and expressive language. Shadowplays, glowing lights and blurry textures are some of the trademarks present in her work, resulting in a mysterious dream-like atmosphere where reality blends within fiction. She is particularly interested in film-essays and other variations of experimental documentaries, in which she puts together fragments of her perceptions of the world through film, photo or words, turning ideas into visual poetry.

As a freelancer she has worked with clients such as the United Nations, Puma, TNT, Johnnie Walker, Carolina Herrera, Deezer, The Players Tribune and many more. She also worked for many independent artists and appreciates telling their stories.

awards and


  • L'ANTICIPATION (2024) - director / editor

    winner:best experimental film - MISEENTAGE International Film Festival

    selected:Experimental Brasil

  • LILÁS (2022) - director/colorist

    finalist:On Art - Dance&Music (Warsaw)

    semi-finalist:SWIFF (New Jersey)

  • AS DÚAS EN PUNTO (2022) - colorist

    selected:XVIII International Women in Film and Television (Mexico City); XIII Ca' Foscari Short Film Festival (Venice); XXV Mecal Pro (Barcelona); XX Mostra Livre (Rio de Janeiro); Festival Cine Plural (São Paulo)

  • LONGE (2019) - production designer

    winner:best LGBT short - Light and Future Festival (Texas)

    selected:GRRL HAUS CINEMA (Berlin); CineVersatil (Buenos Aires); Mostra da Diversidade Sexual de Campinas; Festival Transforma (Florianópolis); Filmworks Film Festival 10ª edição (SP); Festival Film Bahari 11th International Inter University Short Film Festival; Taiwan International Queer Film Festival; FLIQ (Portland); Mostra Brasil Cinefest Pedra Branca (ES).

  • TRANSMUTAR (2019) - director/editor

    curated:Ex-Abrupto Contemporary Art Festival (Catalunya)

    winner:Best Experimental Video Mova Fest (Curitiba)

    official selection:PuntoMov Fest (Mexico).